General Style: global articulation settings missing

• Nov 5, 2016 - 23:32
Reported version
Graphical (UI)
S3 - Major
by design

System: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
Version: MuseScoreNightly-2016-11-03-1931-master-221f20b.dmg

What happened with the global articulation settings?!
Screenshot 2.0.3 stable
Screenshot v3 dev

Sorry i'm new in reporting bugs.
I think it is "major" because it's a very old feature and was always working ;)
Or did it move somewhere and i can't find it anymore?!

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Indeed 2b255202 seems the culprit, and if so, it looks as if this change is by design rather than a bug.
You can still change the settings via the inspector, for individual articulatations, but apparently no longer as a style setting for the score.

yeah it seems that werner schweer changed the complete behavior of articulations.
But i think it should be possible to have general settings for articulations.
If you've many like in my case you don't want to adjust them individually... ;)

Status (old) active by design

Can you explain your use case more in details in the tech preview forum?
We need to slash some features to make room for new features. That's the way it is. In my opinion, these settings were barely used but happy to discuss any use case and see how we can accommodate it in the next release.

I put this issue on "by design" for now.