ctrl-F4 to close a tab

• Mar 29, 2009 - 00:28
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

I believe it is fairly standard to use ctrl-F4 to close tabbed windows or files. Firefox and many other programs use this shortcut to close tabbed windows. MuseScore only has the CTRL-W shortcut for this. Could the CTRL-F4 be added?


I believe Ctrl+W (or Command-W in MacOS) is more of a standard since it is used in many operating systems including Windows; Ctrl+F4 is more specific for Windows. Firefox also has Ctrl+W for closing tabs (and a little unfortunate also for closing the program window when all the tabs are closed; it is more common to have Ctrl+Q for this).

Yes I know that ctrl-w is also a good shortcut for this, I just think that both shortcuts should work. There are quite a few windows users that might expect this behaviour and don't know how to change the shortcuts themselves (or want to know). I thinkt that these kind of small additions can add to peoples enjoyment in using the program.

Is CTRL-F4 typically used for other actions as well for Windows or other OS' software? If not, I tend to vote for this feature request as well.

Yes on an apple OS the key would have to be command-F4 not ctrl-F4, since that is the usual mapping for apples. Like command-c for copy and command-v for paste