Lute Tablature

• Nov 13, 2016 - 22:47

It would be useful if the left-hand-fingering were possible with Lute tablature


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No, unfortunately it is not possible anymore to add fingerings to tablatures. There was some discussion already: It is one of the most urgently missing things for me, and unfortunately, I see it as a regression, since I used to work with fingerings in tablatures before they were forced invisible. I'd still much appreciate an option to toggle visibility for tablature fingerings. If something has changed here meanwhile, please let me know.

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Thanks for your reply - yes, I missed that discussion. I would simply like to have normal fingerings for any kind of tablature. I understand the reason for making them invisible (in some cases), but I like the ability to use them anyway. In fact, when I discovered all fingerings to be non-usable in tabs, it felt like a bug to me.

I choose "new" "Lute tablature"
I wrote this with ms 2.1.0 nightly build because this is the only version where i can add diaposons.
for the LH fingering I used sytem text but that is quite inconvenient.
So my wishes were diaposons up to the 14th string (theorbo) and LeftHand guitar like Fingering(1,2,3,4)

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2.1.0 nightly build, in November 2016?
2.1 has been renamed 3.0 several months ago, seems you're using a pretty old nighly build
And indeed, a65f06b is from April 1st

Interstingly you can open that score in 2.0.3 (if you override the warning) and it then looks exactly the same as in a current nighly build, c5f46bb (except for the system not spanning the page width in the nightly)

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