MuseScore Specs Sheet

• Mar 29, 2009 - 14:20
S4 - Minor

Connected with the MuseScore rebranding project, the MuseScore project needs a fact sheet which can be used for promotional purposes. It can be a single page with all necessary info concerning the MuseScore software such as the logo + slogan, some artwork, pc requirements, the highlights, directions for support, the homepage and some more.


Disk space required for r.1667 is 75.9 MB for the installed program plus 18.0 MB for the installer you have to download. This comes to 93.9 MB total. The 0.9.4 stable release requires more space (114.3 MB + 18.3 MB = 132.6 MB)

"MacOSX" should be "Mac OS X" or just "Mac" since version numbers are not specified for the other operating systems.

I'm not sure the statement "Runs on most CPUs" is a helpful or necessary. Consider replacing it with the minimum screen resolution (1024 by 768 pixels or higher). This resolution is mostly based on the size of the preferences dialog box. Probably the palette would be difficult to work with for screen resolutions lower than this also.

In the downloads box I would recommend using a "thin space" or comma for the thousands separator since the dot is used as a decimal separator in most English speaking countries including the USA and United Kingdom.

The ODT document has some layout issues (compared to the PDF version). Did you embed the fonts in the ODT document?