Save as broken in Linux

• Apr 2, 2009 - 16:59
S2 - Critical

I installed 0.9.4 on Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 Alpha 6 and reinstalled it after the Beta update. There have been numerous crashes, which may well be attributable to Jaunty, and I can only save to .mscz or print to a ps or pdf. I have timidiy installed but not Jack. Is that what I need to create a midi file or am I missing something else?
Other than that, I very much like the program, which I find easier and faster than Finale which I used in my Windows days.

Please keep in mind that I am a relative newcomer to Linux.


I cannot reproduce the "save as" problem on linux and suspect there is something wrong with the environment. Maybe that mscore links the wrong qt libs at runtime which could also explain the "numerous crashes".

Timidity is not needed for MuseScore.

I'm completely new to MuseScore and installed it just after switching to Ubuntu 9.04 the other day. For me the bug is here. I choose File -> Save as... and then a file name and any type. I then press save and the dialog closes, but no file is created.

I just received revision 1848 though the update manager and now the 'Save As' works perfectly on Ubuntu 9.04. I've tried MIDI, WAV and MusicXML and they were all successful.

Thanks for your efforts in resolving this issue.

OGG and FLAC are also working in Ubuntu Karmic. This means all 'save as' functions work well in this distribution. Please be warned that Karmic is still in Alpha and should not be installed on a production system, Mine is in a partition.


As described above this issue is apparently fixed in revision 1848 (prerelease) of MuseScore. Are you using the latest prerelease or are you using MuseScore 0.9.4?

David Bolton,
You're wright, I am using 0.9.4. I shall try to get revision 1848 (preselease) and see if the bug is solved. Since revision 1848 is not on the hardy repositories, does anyone know how one can actually install it? Thank you!
Must say: other than the Save As thing an some minor issues, Mscore is terrific.

Hello, I wanted to report that I had the same problem with the latest pre-release 2148, that and a few more problems.

The problem is fixed for 0.95 but that version isn't avaliable for Ubuntu in the official Ubuntu repositories.

I had to force install a Debian 0.9.5 version to fix the problem, as through Synaptic the only versions I could install were 0.9.4 and 0.9.6 2148 pre-release, both broken.

I forgot to say, I'm using Jaunty.

Thank you very much.

this bug is still present under Karmic.
It's almost certainly down to the build linking with the wrong QT version.
I checked out the latest version from svn and it wouldn't build, saying it needed qt 4.6.
So I downloaded the qt source for 4.6 and built it, then built muse score.
I also needed to get libsnd dev from the Ubuntu repository in order to build.
However, having done all that, muse score appears to be fully functional.
I think the package maintainer for Ubuntu should fix the version in the repository.

@markovchainy Feel free to contact Toby, the Ubuntu distribution maintainer. Be aware that he requested a co-maintainer for the ubuntu package due to his workload, at least, this is what I make from this post.

As long as I choose the file type, such as ogg add the extension in addition to the filename for example score.ogg, Save As works fine in both Karmic and Lucid.

Lets see if it works with the next prerelease version. From markovchainy's comment it sounds like the save as bug from Qt 4.5 has been fixed in Qt 4.6.