Cannot open/save files with non-ASCII characters in filename

• Feb 3, 2012 - 05:42
S4 - Minor

Just as is described in the title~~. An error appears when trying to open such file and all those characters appears as '?' when saving.

Distro: Arch Linux x86_64
Version: latest svn checkout (5284) musescore-svn from AUR
Locale: zh_CN.UTF-8

(The character set setting only works for characters in a file but not file names.)


Well, just noticed that musescore CAN open those files with not problem if it is passed as cli arguments, but not when using the "open" dialog. (which can hopefully narrow down the problem.)

I am also affected by this issue. When I enter a file name in the save box using non-ascii characters (German umlauts, to be specific), the file is saved, but using a wrong character encoding. The resulting file cannot be opened with the file -> open dialog. After renaming the file, everything works fine.

The used encoding appears to be latin1 (iso-8859-1), but the system otherwise uses UTF-8.

Platform is 64 bit Linux (Ubuntu 12.10), Musescore version is 1.2 as shipped by Ubuntu.