[MusicXML import] [1.2] import error: 01f-Pitches-ParenthesizedMicrotoneAccidentals.xml imports without microtone accidentals

• Feb 7, 2012 - 06:59
S4 - Minor

File 01f-Pitches-ParenthesizedMicrotoneAccidentals.xml in Reinhold Kainhofers unofficial MusicMXL testsuite imports without the microtone accidentals.


Opninions vary on this one, our competition also handles this differently:

Finale: no parenthesis on cautionary accidental, editorial accidental printed in parentheses
Sibelius: cautionary accidental not printed, editorial accidental printed in parentheses (this is Lilypond in reverse !)

Furthermore, I consider the parentheses a minor issue. The major issue is that microtone accidentals do not import, even though MuseScore kind-of supports them.

Status (old) active fixed

Mmm, we could ask for some clarification on the MusicXML mailing list... I guess the parenthesis is exported separatly then.

Fixed in r5293.
I choose to do cautionary -> parenthesis and editorial -> no parenthesis but at least to display them always. The bug is fixed and should support the import of other accidentals, not included in the test and part of MusicXML 3.0.