Assembling tuplets from selected notes

• Dec 4, 2016 - 12:33

The logic of tuplets is to spread some beat-duration on selected number of parts (presented by shorter duration notes).

E.g. if one selects a half-note and applies tripleting, this half-note should be divided on three parts (three quarter-notes). If one selects a quarter-note and applies quintupleting, this quarter-note should be divided on five parts (now eighth-five notes). An so on.

But I expect that MuseScore takes into account the selected beat duration and this duration divides into selected number of parts according to tuplet type choosen. If I select one quarter-note and apply tripleting, MuseScore will divide this quarter-note into three eithth-notes. That's fine.

But if I select two quarter-notes at once (this is now half-note duration) and apply tripleting, now I expect MuseScore to take into account this selected duration and that I want to divide this duration (half-note) on three parts what should result with three quarter notes (not six eighth-notes).

Look at example attached.


select the 1st quarter note, press 6 (makes it a half note) then Ctrl+3
This is how it is supposed to work.
Selecting 2 notes you're selecting 2 durations, not one

And then other people would prefer to select 3 eight notes and being able to turn them into a triplet of 8th notes (and the duration of a quarter note...)

Many people actually rely on the current behavior - it's the easiest way to enter a whole extended series of triplets. Enter first a series of quarter notes, select them all, Ctrl+3. I don't see the proposed new behavior being more useful than that, especially given you can get the behavior you want with the exact same number of keystrokes by simply pressing "6" to changing the first note to half rather than selecting two notes as explained above.

Note also that normally, you'd enter triplets while still in note input mode, not first enter notes then leave note input mode and then create tuplets. So the use case you are describing shouldn't come up very often. Whereas the need to create extended series of tuplets definitely does.

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The default behavior is a very limited behavior for composing. In my case, I would not suggest to make a triplet out of only two notes, but out of three. A "Make into tuplet" function would be great for that. You write three quarter notes while composing but after coming back later to that measure you realize that these three quarter notes would sound better as a quarter note triplet. Being able to select the three notes (of five or six...) and make those notes into a tuplet would be very useful for editing an existing passage. The "Make into tuplet" function could show a pop-up window where it asks the user how to define the new tuplet (f.ex. 3 quarters in the time of 2 quarters, etc.).

As a user I agree that the current behavior makes more sense and allows a short cut to making multiple tuplets within a measure or other span.

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My suggestion is based on my experience in correcting scored inputed notes from MIDI, not inserting new ones. Everybody know how it goes with recording music through keyboard (not quantized).

For example how to transform simple sincope into triplet? Let's say that I have eighth-quarter-eighth notes sincope, I'd like to be able to select these three notes and spread them evenly (make triplet from sincope).

Now I have to enlarge the first eighth-note into half-note (this way I loose second and third note from sincope because they are overwritten) and have to insert second and third note again. If you have lyrics below related to these notes they are lost too.

OK, maybe this "evenly spreading selected notes" could be some additional functionality not tuplet.

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