Windows 95 - missing DLLs

• Apr 5, 2009 - 11:50
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won't fix

I have just installed 0.9.4 on a Micron Xpe laptop with Windows 95 4.00.95a and 48M ram and on running it complains that .DLLs cannot be found. Initially it was WS 2_32.DLL. I found a copy of that and now it cant find WS 2HELP.DLL. If I were to find them where should they go?

I also have Sibelius 1.1 on the computer which works OK.
I have it workng on an XP machne OK - great program! Can it work on W95?


Windows 95 is not supported so far. Maybe it would be better to compile it from source...
But if you want to keep on hacking, google gives back some results for ws2help.dll for example:
Hit "Téléchargement" at the bottom.
Keep us informed :) I'm quite curious about your finding. (Curious about the quality of Sibelius 1.1 as well)

The similarity between Musescore and Sibelius 1.1 is remarkable! For instance the method of moving the viewing window around is the same.
Instead of W95, will it run on W98? I want to run it on a laptop that boots up fast (10s for W95). My WXP laptop takes minutes to boot up! Windows has got so bloated!
A number of sites claim Musescore works on W95 eg:…
Would it be easy to compile from source?


Status (old) active won't fix

There is no support anymore for win9x systems. MuseScore depends on the qt library and the qt developers do not support win9x so there is little chance for a backport.