'Save As' conflict

• Feb 15, 2012 - 11:18
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While composing - SATB and piano, I have a chord in the wrong place on the piano line and want to remove it.

I have learned how to change the value of a note but want to remove those notes and replace them with nothing (a rest value).

I searched the handbook for 'delete' and 'removed' but foiund nothing. I changed the note into 'hidden' but it still sounds when playing back and attempted to change it to a 'rest' but that did ot work.

Of course, when I print it off I can use Tipex !!!

Please, can anyone help.


Title How can I delete a 'note' in a score. Is there any way I can removed the Piano ?
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When I set up the project, I selected SATB and piano. (that gives six lines - four for voice and two for piano)
Does any one know how to remove the piano and leave just the voice section?

I am a novice to this so must rely on some expert advice....

Title Is there any way I can removed the Piano ? I am reporting a 'save as' issue

On the 'Save As' drop list there the the option to save as *wav and *mid

I selected each in turn and it told me that I already had the file saved as *mscz and did I want to replace it.

I did a *wav save and the result was a *mscz file and this opened with a proramme I have called WinRip.

So, have I discovered a fault in the programme?

Title I am reporting a 'save as' issue 'Save As' conflict

This perhaps?

The forum's better so we can discuss something, before filing a report :).