Ties do not work via note entry with mouse (regression)

• Apr 7, 2009 - 04:49
S4 - Minor
  1. Create new score
  2. Press N to begin note entry
  3. Select a note duration (such as quarter note)
  4. Click on staff to add a note using the mouse
  5. Add a second note using the mouse
  6. Press + to add a tie (notice that no tie appears but cursor moves forward)
  7. Rewind playback and press play (notice that the second note is silent

Expected behavior: Probably note entry via mouse should work the same way as note entry via keyboard and add the second note of the tie automatically.

Actual behavior: In note entry mode it is not possible to add a tie to a note that was added to the score using the mouse.

Discussion: When you add a note using the mouse the cursor (blue line) appears before the note. When you add a note using the keyboard the cursor appears after the note. I suspect the placement of the cursor is a contributing factor in this bug. I would prefer that the cursor placement was the same regardless of the method of input. The difference in cursor placement also causes issues when switching between various methods of input.


@Xavierjazz: It says to press N not P (maybe you are using your friend's computer again? What version of Safari?). The version is also listed above (see comment number 1).

Anyway it doesn't really matter anymore since it looks like Werner fixed this.