[branch 1.2] Style Page Nums "show first" not checked, 1st page > 1: 1st page number still shown

• Feb 24, 2012 - 23:27
S4 - Minor

This is something in between a bug report and a feature request.

Context: branch rev. 5375

1) In "Layout | Page Settings...| First page no", set a number other than 1
2) In "Style | General Style | Numbers" uncheck "Show first"

Result: number of first page is still shown.


First of all, I agree there can be two ways to understand the concept of "first" page:
1) The first page of a score file, whatever its number
2) A page numbered 1

Apparently, the program now follows 2); I believe 1) to be more appropriate. Also, under 2), there is no real choice if the file starts with a page != 1 (the check box becomes useless); under 1), there is always a choice, regardless of page numbering.

If there is a consensus on this, the attached patch fixes the issue.

The Patch:
The attached patch changes only 1 line in function Page::layout() (in file page.cpp, line 131) from:
    if (score()->styleB(ST_showPageNumber) && ((n > 1) || [...])) {
    if (score()->styleB(ST_showPageNumber) && ((no() > 0) || [...])) {


Attachment Size
ver12-page_cpp-number_on_1st_page.patch 724 bytes


Not sure 1/ is more appropriate but it's more "powerful". So I agree. Commited in r5376

if trunk exhibits the same behavior, can you make a patch and open a new issue?

Thanks, lasconic. Trunk exhibits the same behaviour indeed: patch posted (there is another issue with the page settings dlg box, more details soon).