TAB: Improvment of cursor position, currently poorly centered

• Dec 19, 2016 - 15:47
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

2.0.3 and current 2.1 dev. fbf68f4 / Windows7

As said in the title, the cursor in Tabs is currently badly centered

Check out this comparison between GP and MuseScore:

On the first string, this can still go with MuseScore. You will notice that the centering in GP is perfect, and that it is, in addition, singularized by a black frame (pretty, maybe to try, don’t really know in this moment, but not the essential for now)
GP1.jpg MS1.jpg

The most important is now.
When you descend on the lower strings, the 3rd for example, you will notice that the cursor in MuseScore not only is badly centered but it touches, in more, the 2nd line/string. There is a risk of confusion. Well, there is confusion: I have experienced this several times, wondering, especially when you go fast, on what string am I.
GP2.jpg MS2.jpg
This requires concentration, and at the end, fatigue and sometimes some nervousness ... because, in addition to entering the notes, you have to focus on something that normally should be perfectly precise and clear .

I let in category "Feature request", but given the possible visual embarrassment, I wondered if it was not an issue.
Same thing with the 5th string, etc.
GP3.jpg MS3.jpg


Good centering now, really more confortable. thank you.
Speaking of width in the previous message, in fact, I wanted to talk about length! It is probably not necessary that the cursor be as long, with a rectangle shape, but rather towards a square shape?
Look at this photo, the cursor encroaches on the previous note.