Imported midi score not separating adjacent notes at same pitch

• Mar 2, 2012 - 03:39

I have just discovered I can import midi files into Musescore and see the notes. How absolutely brilliant.

The trouble is, when played back it seem to put a tie between adjacent notes of the same pitch, even though no tie is shown on the display. Is there a solution to this?


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Sorry. First time. Not sure what you want. Not sure if I've even attached the file correctly.
I simply opened an existing midi file which I'd downloaded. It produced a reasonable-looking score. When I replayed it (with default soundfont), I noticed adjacent notes of the same pitch were playing as if tied.
The attached example (if it works) is the first couple of bars of one of the staves. The problem occurs on all the staves throughout the piece.

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Thanks, but I cannot find 'select all similar'. I'm using Ver 0.9.6 Rev 2613 on Ubuntu.

OK Sorry. Found it.

OK. Done all that. I click Select ->All Similar Elements and all the note heads change colour. I then click on the same note again, all note heads turn back to black. I set the ontime and offtime offsets to auto (and also velocity type just to be sure), but it still only fixes it for one note.

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Boy, this is getting complicated. OK, I've done everything it said to do on the PPA page. The last instruction was sudo apt-get update, and everything seemed to work ok. I still get ver 0.9 when I run it. What am I missing?

OK. Reinstalled it and it all works perfectly. Thanks for your help.

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