Provide a drop down list of open tabs (with selection)

• Dec 29, 2016 - 06:16
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It can get a bit awkward to find a file that's already open, if there are a lot of them (more tabs than can fit on the screen horizontally). Scrolling horizontally to find one becomes a bit unwieldy once there are more than a certain number open - especially if you're in the habit of using long, descriptive file names, like I am.

What I'd like is a drop down list of open tabs, in addition to the scrolling mechanism that's there now - e.g. accessed by a small button on the right hand end of the tab bar, after the two arrow buttons, similar to the one in Firefox, Opera, or the old version of Foxit Reader I use (3.1 - I gave up on more recent versions, so I don't know if they still do that).

No matter how long the file names are, a vertical list can easily show two or three dozen open tabs - which should be enough for almost anyone.

It should also let us switch instantly between tabs, by selecting one from the vertical list, instead of having to scroll through horizontally, to find the right one. If necessary, the tab bar should then be scrolled to also show the selected tab.


I hadn't considered a need to switch between parts, in a score, more easily. I was thinking about switching between different open files more easily, but maybe the other thread covers that too, I'm not sure.

I tend to only be interested in one part per file, once I've finished altering it, but have multiple files open - I want to see the part I'm playing, and have the other parts available to play as a backing track for practising with, but hidden.

Other people actually use MuseScore for composing and arranging, of course, but by no means all of us, I would guess.

Okay. Thanks.

Yes, definitely a related request. It's good to see other people want the same sort of UI improvements. It may mean it's more likely to get done.

I can't find this function in the app. I have 20 scores opened and can only see five tabs at once at the top of the screen. That means click-scrolling across the top of the screen, one score at a time, until I get to the one I want (if I've even opened it). It takes way longer than it needs to. Is there anything I can do to nudge this along? (It'd be great if a list of the opened scores is actually available somewhere and I just can't see it.)

Probably, along with tons of other issues. Except, I don't know if this issue tracker will even remain active at all after MuseScore 4 is released. To me it makes sense, as more people have accounts here than GitHub, and also, you can attach scores here much more easily. But obviously, I'm not the one making such calls, and I don't think a call has been made.