Editing scores from multiple devices?

• Dec 29, 2016 - 14:40

Hi, I'm not sure if I need to post a score for this topic but, is there a way to edit a score on one device and open that same 'recently edited' score on another device? Like a "cloud"?


You mean like dropbox, box.com, Google drive, OneDrive etc. or even a network share? Sure, I do this all the time. Or on a thumb drive or sd card? Sure works too

Regular cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive do indeed work for this, but of course you have to manage the concurrency issues yourself. That is, when one person saves the file and another person is viewing it, the changes don't automatically show up for them - they need to manually reload the file. And you have to be careful you don't have multiple people working at once each making changes and saving and thus overwriting each others' changes. But as long as you make sure is one at a time, it works great.

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Are we going in a near future to see more applications become multi-user in a cloud environment? Like Google Docs or Word Online? I wonder if such appmications are always created from scratch, or is there a convenient way how to add some cloud library to an existing application project and only with minor adjustments make it work as a multi-user thing? Either in its own desktop application or in a browser window. It could be fun using MuseScore that way.

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There are no special steps, just be sure both devices are set up to be able to access the Google Drive folder, which generally involves making sure you have installed th Google Drive app for your particular OS following the instructions for Google. Once you've installed it, then it shows up as ajn ordinary folder on each computer. So you just save files to that folder normally (eg, File / Save) and open them normally (eg, File / Open). You just have to be careful not to be trying th access the same file at the same time from two different computers. Always close the file on one before opening it on the other, to avoid problems.

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PDF? MuseScore can export a PDF, but that's the end of the road - you can't then use that PDF for anything else in MuseScore. So just a plain "Save" on one machine, then "Open" on the other. No PDF involved, and you only need "Save As" if the file is not already in the Google Drive folder. When you use the Google Drive app on both computers, there is no need to upload or download anything, either. Merely saving to the Google Drive folder automatically uploads it and downloads it as necessary. Dropbox works the same way, and I think OneDrive can also be made to work that way.

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