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• Apr 17, 2009 - 22:20
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I've run into a serious slow down in Muse Score.

I've written 32 bars of a big band piece, but with 18 instruments for our band. The last 8 bars is a repeated section using a volta with 2 endings. I had blocked out 120 bars so I could delete the later empty bars, but the program is going so slow now, I don't know how long that would take.

I am using version 0.9.4. I quit the program and started again several times with no positive change. Even rebooted once. I've checked the forums and can't seem to find anything on this problem.

An interesting thing is that Muse Score is NOT eating up a big amount of the PC, I've been checking with Windows Task Manager. It just seems to be using 10% or so, but it is very close to a standstill on doing even the most simple task.

Maybe it just isn't made for so large a job?

Anyway, very frustrating. What I had done sounded ok on the soundfont anyway and I will be sorry to lose the work if I can't go any farther. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Peter


I would try deleting some of the extra bars and see if that made a difference.

It is difficult to duplicate your situation as you give no info on version, etc. and what are the instruments and how dense is the notation?

Good luck.


Version I'm using is 0.9.4. The first time I tried deleting the bars, I got a windows message saying an unknown error has occurred and windows is shutting down the program. I suspect this is just another indication the program file is too big or has something ODD about it that is not allowing me to access it fully.

The notation is not dense. Most parts are quarter notes or 1/2 notes. A few eights and one section in the trumpets with a few bars of 16th notes.

It is a big band arrangment so, 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass, drums (no entries as I had trouble with the drum palette bombing) and vocal.

Not sure exactly what you need to know as this is all new to me, my first arrangement with Musescore.

I'm going to try and attach a copy of the file in case you feel generous enough to have a look. Any help you can offer is appreciated.



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Please disable the navigator window and mscore will get much faster. I dont know why the navigator eats up so much time and will investigate it.

Hello all,

I have tried your suggestions with some small success but no breakthrough. I have determined that some bars have extra beats - 5 beats instead of 4 in a measure. And some bars have no beats, the whole rest has disappeared. Deleting these bars improves things but they seem to jump back before long in another spot.

I think the big problem is that with lots of bars (18 pieces x 32 bars) muse score is a system hog. It's virtual memory use in windows is about 250MB. That's a lot of CPU use at 10%. That's why everything slows down and probably why these little glitches keep happening.

So, I can try upping my RAM or writing the score in sections of 24 bars or so. If anyone has written large scores on a PC with 512MB RAM or less, let me know your success.



After experimenting a little bit i found out that the slowdown is caused by the chord name elements. Painting is very slow making mscore unusable. Tomorrow i will try another implementation will hopefully will fix this.

Update: further investigation shows that the score contains 22280 chord names Most of them are on page 7-9. Painting this pages is naturally very slow. Assuming that you did not enter the chords manually this leaves the question how the chord names came into the score.

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If you encounter this again or are able to share steps to reproduce the enormous number of chord names then please share.

It is possible that this bug was a contributing factor: Chordnames do not copy paste correctly . Repeatedly copying a reference measure containing a chordname and pasting to other staves in the same measure could increase the number of chordnames exponentially.