Fretboard Diagram name within image

• Jan 10, 2017 - 23:24

I see a number of discussions about naming fretboard diagrams and about linking each diagram to a chord name (ctrl-K) entry. I'm not clear from what I see whether a final strategy has emerged, but here are some thoughts.

For me, MS is doing a good job coordinating chord name and diagram, and this is useful and desirable. However this does not always meet my needs. There are situations where I insert a diagram with a different label from the actual chord name, e.g. when the 'true' chord name (what the bass and keyboard are playing) is different from the intended guitar voicing, which may have a different bass note, different alteration, etc. I can do this with note text, but I run across this often enough that I wish the diagram editor provided a name field, the text of which could be shown above the diagram in very small block text (like the appearance of the fret number shown within the diagram). This style of tiny chord name is found in most published fretboard diagrams -- often in addition to or instead of standard chord symbols.

This topic also relates to the question of showing chord names in the palette. We currently have a helpful tool-tip property name that appears above palette entries on hover, but palette entries for chords would be infinitely more useful if their names appeared above each chord grid. (That is the same name that could be used to populate the small editable display name I refer to above.) I think that several other palettes would also benefit from displayed names within the grid. (If it were available on my Master Palette, I'd probably leave it on all the time.) Couldn't this be a palette option ("Display cell names")?


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