Alternate method of inputting notes

• Mar 22, 2012 - 12:04
S5 - Suggestion

I'm new user, and french then sorry for my english !!!
I would like to submit a way to get notes faster for musicians.
I show my way that come from ATARI a long time ago !!!
1 i choose if i'm in ternaire or binary
2 i choose the minimal value for note exemple 8th
3 i choose a tempo exemple : 80 beats per minute
4 i start record, with one bars free
5 i hit the space bar to record the rythm
6 i stop, and an the first note is seleted ( it was a C in bass clef for all notes after recordind)
7 i input my wanted note like C or D on keyboard, and it change and the next is selected
8 i continue until the end
9 My part is finish for walking bass or melody or soloing
I hope i did'nt take to much time to you, for reply.
I hope it can be realese, thank to you to exist and for you free soft
If you need a beta tester, i'm here.
Bassistly your's !!!


Hi, thx to reply.
It's very pleasant to see your are so reactive.
Do you think that it's hard work to implement it ? can i help anyway ?
I think it's a good way to transcript an exiting manual score, and if it's happen, muse score become the only one for music.
I try to promote musescore to my students and all musicians i meet.
It was the only point they be septic !!!
Bassistly yours