Plugin error at startup

• Apr 22, 2009 - 05:14
S4 - Minor

I get the following error when I startup MuseScore using self-built r.1761, Windows XP. When I press "OK" MuseScore does not appear to have any other problems.

MuseScore Error
Error loading plugin
"C:/mscoreSVN/win32install/plugins/colornotes.js" line 30:
ReferenceError: QColor is not defined


Status (old) active fixed

I had the same problem on Kubuntu. There was an problem in the script interpreter initialization which is fixed in rev. 1762.
As a workaround you can simply delete the offending script file.

I get the same error when I open MuseScore up. I am able to open every one of my files except my most recent one-The Magic of John Williams-which I am still currently working on. I was going to try to finish it, but when I try to open the file, MuseScore crashes automatically. I tried reinstalling MuseScore, but that doesn't help. When I tried a prerelease, the file opened up okay, but the symbols and some notes where messed up. Please help so I can try finishing my song soon! Thanks! ~ Kevin

Kevin, please post the details of your problem in the support forum . You will need to attach the file and include information about version of MuseScore that you are using when you repost this information in the forum.