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• Jan 17, 2017 - 01:34

Due to #152151: [Mac] Nightlies crash on start, I've been unable to experiment with the latest changes, but it appears 5433d71 was very significant, and there was some buzz surrounding Werner's work on it on IRC and here . So, can somebody tell me what has changed? Has anything been removed or added in terms of functionality?


This huge commit reimplements text styles. The old text styles do not fit well into the internal scheme of property and style values. The new implementations makes ordinary style values out of text styles so they can be handled by the inspector and the undo/redo system. As a result you can change all text properties now in the inspector. Styled text properties can be overridden on a value basis as with all other styled properties.
Text styles are gone but will be come back as more generic substyles or subtypes for some element types.

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"Text styles are gone but will be come back as more generic substyles or subtypes for some element types."

This sounds quite frightening!

Styles are a well-known and widely used way to ensure stylistic consistency across different elements and different files (in MuseScore case, across scores). If text styles are gone, then this stylistic consistency is also gone or has to ensured manually, which is time consuming and very, very error prone.

I would have expected a move in the opposite direction, implementing more styles (real paragraph styles, page styles and so on), rather than seeing one of the more useful features of MuseScore scraped mercilessly.

This seems to me a rather big step toward a less easy and less quick way of working, the tag line for version 3 notwithstanding.

If this is going to hold, I really really hope that eventually version 3 will have ways to:

1) ensure stylistic consistency across several score elements and across several scores, as styles used and were able to do;

2) styles from version 2.x scores will be correctly imported in version 3 scores, including custom styles (which I use a lot and for almost any score); if not, this will the third time I have to manually adjust styles for my now rather sizeable collection of scores and this will quite probably force me to stick to version 2.x and ignore version 3, as I do not have the resources to do it. It would also show that MuseScore seems not to suit fairly sized and/or mid-to-long-term projects.

Hoping for the best...

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