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• Jan 20, 2017 - 01:58

Another newbie question that probably has an obvious answer but I can't seem to find it.

When I create a new score and specify the number of measures, it is displaying that as the symbol for the specified number of measures, rather than actually displaying the individual measures themselves. So, like this:


instead of 16 actual measures.

What to do to change this, both during the create new score process and afterwards if desired? Thanks.


To be clear, though - new scores you create yourself should not have this option enabled in the first place. You'd only see multimeasure rests if you created them yourself - perhaps by inadvertently pressing M, or maybe you used a template that had this enabled for some reason.

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Thanks Marc but I'm not sure that I understand your reply. Are you saying that when I create a new score it should display all of the measures that I dictated at the setup and would only have the -----N-----= multi measure rest if I had somehow toggled that? How would I have done that? It seems to happen all the time and not be a one off accident.

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Save the score with the correct settings over the existing template. If you have notes in the score they will show up in New Score but won't be in new scores created.

I would load the template as a new score with no changes. Make sure the proper rests are displayed (pressing M as needed) and save it over the existing template.

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Thanks to both. I opened the template, made sure it was displaying the individual measures by toggling M and then re-saved the template. It works fine now.

Note to Marc; yes, I was referring to a template I had made myself by saving as a template a score that i had created.

Thanks for the help.

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So to be clear - you are not using one of the provided templates, but instead are using one you created yourself?

If so, then perhaps you inadvertently pressed "M" when creating that template. If so, simply open the template normally, press M again, and resave the template, as suggested above.

Either that, or your template contains generated parts which do indeed have the multimeasure rest feature turned on by default, because that is how how parts normally work. You probably shouldn't have generated parts in your template - it should be the score only. Only generate parts *after* entering the notes into your score. So maybe open the template, delete the parts, then resave the template. If you really prefer to enter notes into individual parts rather than into the score as would normally be done, you could leave the parts there, but you'd want to disable multimeasure rests in each of the parts then resave the tempalte - you can do that from Style / Generalm, and use Apply to All Parts to affect all parts at once. You'll need to renable that option when you are done entering notes, though - parts are *supposed* to have multimeasure rests enabled, which is why that is the default.

Anyhow, in order to advise further, it would be best if you attached the template you are using.

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