Crash when changing "spanned staves" from 2 to 1 in the Inspector

• Jan 20, 2017 - 10:56
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S2 - Critical

In the attached file (Barline_Crash.mscz) I have changed all barlines to "Mensurstriche" following the procedure as specified in the online Help manual. If I now select any one of the barlines (for example the final barline between stave Soprano and stave Alto) and then try to reduce the value of the parameter "Spanned staves" to 1 (either by typing the value directly into the window or by clicking the down arrow), there is a short delay (beachball spinning) and then MuseScore crashes.

I use the MuseScore on a mac OS Sierra (v. 10.12.2).

GIT commit: 6347ed6

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Confirmed with 2.0.3 on Windows and also with the latest nightly for 2.1, whereas current nightly build for master doesn't show the 'Mensurstrich' barlines at all, and doesn't have that 'spanned staves' Setting anymore

The same thing happens on my windows system. The strange thing is that the inspector does not allow for reverting to default setting (the arrows on the right are all gray). I managed to convince MS to allow a single staff of barlines to be fix at a time. ctrl-click a barline, ctrl-drag the bottom square any amount, then normal drag the boxes to look like you want and the entire staff will follow. This is only a workaround, the bug still exists in 2.0.3, I haven't looked through past issues to see if this is fixed in future versions. I don't have time for that at the moment, If no one else does I will check it out later.

Thank you both for looking into this. The problem appears to be more general, not limited to "Mensurstrich" barlines. In the attached file (Barline_Crash_2.mscz) I used a piano-style Grand Staff. I then used the Inspector to change the lower end (the "Span to" parameter) of the first barline from its default value 8 in steps of 1, and after each step tried to change the "Spanned staves" parameter from its default value 2 to 1. This works fine down to and including zero, but the program crashes once the "Span to" parameter has become negative (-1, -2).

Fortunately, there is a workaround for the problem, which means you can use your time for more urgent things. Thanks again.

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