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• Jan 22, 2017 - 02:51

Kzh created a plugin for Harp Colour Notes by Pedal and a palette that includes all seven notes with all three status of each. I installed the plugin, created the palette but I can't figure out how to add contents of the palettes elements. The book instruction is "drag an element either from the Master Palette or from the score..." The problem is that these elements ( A + flat sign or A + sharp sign, etc) do not exist anywhere.
How can I create these?
II am a beginner and appreciate any help. Thank you


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If you mean you want to put F# into the palette with a real sharp, then press ctrl+shift+# while entering the text, press ctrl+shift+b for a flat and ctrl+shift+h for a natural. This is for staff and system text only and staff text is what you want to put into the palette for harp pedal changes.

Things that will automatically make these changes include Chord symbols, Figured bass and Roman Numeral Analysis. Note that these items are expected to have sharps, flats and naturals in them so they automatically change #, b and h as appropriate.

Hi! How did you make your pedal pallete with all the seven notes+three status? I would like to us it as well but can't find it anywhere..... Hope you will respond! :)

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