Again page jumping - this time in continuous view.

• Jan 23, 2017 - 16:50

Recently I have begun using continuous view which has been useful. However there is still a problem in this view with a bar being worked on jumping out of sight wne entries age being made.

It would be very useful if the page did not completely change, but at least a bar or 2 were still kept on screen.



My understanding is that the current algorithm tries to put the *new* current measure as far to the left as practical, so as to put off as long as possible the moment when we need to jump again. That is, the current algorithm is based on the assumption we want to minimize the *number* of jumps that happen as you enter notes left to right. Which certainly does have its appeal if indeed you are mostly entering notes left to right.

The downside of course is if your music has multiple staves or multiple voices or even just big chords in a single voice/staff and you are really trying to work more vertically, entering notes for a single measure or brief passage across all chords/voices/staves before moving on. then you'd probably prefer an algorithm that prioritizes keeping the full context in view - the previous *and* next measures - in view. It's tricky because in many cases, you can't even fit two full measures in view at all so we have to prioritize one or the other. And even if you *can* fit two full measures on screen t once, trying to do so in potentially means *doubling* the number of jumps that occur versus the current method. So it could be a pretty steep price to pay.

Still, there is no doubt improvements are possible. One idea is to not worry about the whole preceding *measure*, but just strive to keep the last *note* in view. That already helps with the big chord case - eg, for piano music. Doesn't really help much for the multiple voice or multiple staff case, but at least it's harmless enough - it won't double the number of jumps long term like literally keeping the entire previous measure in view might. If we then added an *option* to force the previous measure to remain in view when possible, you could at least choose your pain - less disruptive jumps but more of them, or more disruptive jumps but fewer of them.

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