Absolute positioning of text elements

• May 19, 2012 - 00:47
S5 - Suggestion

It would be nice to be able to absolutely center and position the title, composer, etc. without dragging it and guessing. This would allow for consistency between extracted parts and would make the user's job much easier. If there is a way to do that already then I apologize for this request. I am constantly having to adjust things and there is no 'snap-to' or absolute way to position text elements


??? The title should already be centered by default, and composer right aligned against the right margin. I've never had to to drag any of these elements. That goes equally for scores created from scratch as well as scores created from all templates I've tried; it holds equally whether I type the title into the wizard at score creation or add it later via Create->Text->Title. Do you have a specific series of steps that reproduce the problem you are seeing?

Status (old) active closed

I claim that this was probably a user misunderstanding from the beginning - titles have always (or long, anyhow) been centered automatically, and the text styles for the other elements have long provided the requested degree of control.

Magnetic layout is something completely different.