File > Close shortcut on Windows (regression)

• May 4, 2009 - 05:41
S4 - Minor

In the very latest revisions of MuseScore the shortcut for close (Ctrl+W) is replaced with Ctrl+F4.

Almost all Windows applications support both shortcuts. However Ctrl+W is probably the most common among users since it is the only shortcut ever advertised in the File menu. For example IE7, Firefox, Finale, Sibelius all display Ctrl+W next to File > Close. Some applications such as Microsoft Word do not display any shortcut next to File > Close.

Recommendation: Ctrl+W should be reinstated and displayed next File > Close. If MuseScore is capable of more than one shortcut per command then Ctrl+F4 should be supported as an alternate shortcut.


Recently i changed mscore to use an additional abstraction layer of qt when using shortcuts. Qt has a list of "system shortcuts" and decides depending on the platform what actual key sequences are used.
See for a list of key sequences.
Rev. 1804 implements multiple shortcuts for mscore actions when using the qt system shortcuts. This should enable Ctrl+W and Ctrl+F4 for "close" on the windows platform.

Status (old) active fixed

Ctrl+W now works (tested using r.1806, Windows XP).

I think it would be better if it displayed Ctrl+W in the File menu instead of Ctrl+F4 (since that is what other Windows Apps do) but maybe this is a Qt problem instead of MuseScore problem.

Its a Qt problem. Qt defines Ctrl+F4 as the "primary key binding" for the "Close" operation on the windows platform.
Some kind of hack is certainly possible but does not fit well into the current structure. Will see what can be done...