2 Tin Whistle in instruments.xml

• Jan 28, 2017 - 21:14
Reported version
S4 - Minor

There are two Tin Whistles in instruments.xml. The second one is labeled as wind.flutes.whistle.tin.d while the first one is wind.flutes.whistle.tin. Any know if there is any reason for that? @ChurchOrganist maybe?


There are three tin whistles on instruments.xml. Including a Bb Tin Whistle.

The trouble with them all is they use the same settings, which is incorrect.
Most common Tin Whistles are D and C. Bb is used often next to a low D and Low C. And off course their are even more Tin Whistles in different keys,
WIKI QUOTE: "The whistle is tuned diatonically, which allows it to be used to easily play music in two major keys a perfect fourth apart and the natural minor key and Dorian mode a major second above the lowest note. The whistle is identified by its lowest note, which is the tonic of the lower of two major keys whose tonics are a perfect fourth apart that the whistle most easily plays in." END QUOTE

So a High D tin whistle uses D major scale: F and C should be Sharp, which doesn't show it's Clef.
That sets apart the others, one should be called C Tin Whistle as it uses the C Major scale.
And the Bb is missing it's Flats on the Clef, as it play's the Bb major: which uses Bb and Eb.
Standard Bb is lower then a D Tin Whistle.

Off course each instrument has it's own pitchrange, I'm just not that familiar with midi to know what it should be.