Save as template

• May 6, 2009 - 10:07
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion
won't fix

It would be very useful to have an option "save as template" in the File Menu, to make our own templates, instead of creating a file, changing the rights of the templates folder with sudo chmod (under Linux), and then be able to copy the file to the final destination. It works but is quite unpractical.
Thanks a lot for this!


Save as template would not be very useful. MuseScore has no special rights and cannot write into the template folder.
Considering how often you would use this function this will not be fixed.

Not very convenient since (under Ubuntu) the template directory is to be handled by super only.....and also you have to remember that here is the place.

A save as template could just open the template directory, or a user template directory to be configured in preferences....