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• Feb 7, 2017 - 21:37

Hey everyone, I would like to notate a couple of measures with a pedal notation like the below attached picture, but without the Led please, I want to keep it modern with the straight line. I see all these symbols in muse score but I have no clue how to notate my piece so that they connect seamlessly between measure to measure. Here is also a link to my score here on musescore which I am currently updating and correcting. Thank you.

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I don't do a lot with the piano. What you are doing is very tedious and I expect at some point in the future it will look bad. Perhaps the new lines will help prevent this, but dragging lines to adjust them ulitimately end up not right down the road. Unfortunately, I don't see an easier way to do this.

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As pointed out by others, you should not be relying on manual adjustments. Not only is it tedious, but it won't continue to look good if anything at all about the score changes - you will likely end up with the angled hooks overlapping, failing to meet, etc.

Instead, simply add the pedal line correctly in the first place, by attaching the lines to the notes you actually want them to cover as described in the Handbook. Don't attach the line to one note but then drag it to appear under another as you have done.

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Thank you much Marc Sabatella, but I'm still so confused. Could you please list step by step instructions, and what if the pedal mark lines continues to a new stave down on the page. I also want to fade into the next chord, would I start the pedal mark on the second beat of each measure. Thank you for help, I wanna get this right and make it look good cause it is getting alot of traffic. Thank you. I updated the score the best I could with the advice.

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Have you read the Handbook section on pedal lines? If so, please describe at which specific step of the instructions given there you are having trouble. But it should be as simple as selecting the region you want the pedal to apply to then double clicking the appropriate symbol. From the score you posted, it appears you didn't select the correct region. The start of one needs to be the same as the end of the previous if you want the angles to line up. And of course you need to use the line starting with the angle hook.

Use the correct lines from the advanced lines palette. Open the properties of the first Ped__ line to adjust the angle at the end of the line. Make sure to use correct anchor points.

The only manual position adjustment I did is the final line end point in the attached example.

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Thank you jeetee for the instructions, could you please help me further to understand it by re looking at my updated score, I used the instruction you and marc provided but i'm still so darn confused and I wanna get this right..I am very new to notating music. Thank you for your patience with me.

How did you do this pedal line example above? I can put a pedal in my score but I'm struggling with adding the little triangle things where you lift your foot and put it back down if that makes any sense. How do you add them underneath specific notes?

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simile is a multipurpose word in music that means to keep doing the same thing. The way to make it play back properly is to add the same (in this case) pedal mark and make it invisible. It will actually turn gray if you have View->Show invisible checked, but it will not print.

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