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So I downloaded this....project? (I don't know what the official term is) Anyway, since the thing didn't have a .exe file anywhere inside it, I'm assuming I'm suppose to add all of this to the official 2.0.3 release, but I'm not entirely sure, and I can't find anything online that gives me any info (or at least no info that's in layman's terms). Could someone please tell me what I'm suppose to do?


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I was just providing you with the info on why you shouldn't look for 2.0.4, but at 2.1 instead.

If you were willing to use 2.0.4 nightly builds to get your features/bugfixes, then you will definitely be willing to use a 2.1 nightly as of right now. Which, as Jojo mentioned, is already quite stable and moving towards a final stable release within the coming months.

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This MIDI file contains many errors.
For example: channel 10 has many note-on values. But there is no note off value (or note on=0).
In Track-1, the value of some note-off is "d#C". It can not be such a value. The values must be d#3, d#0, d#8.
This kind of faulty files, each application reads in its own style.
Some accept the new note-on value as a note-off for the previous one.
Some can not value at all. And that part is empty.

So the software that created this file could not do it as a valid file.

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It seems that this file was created by Spc2Midi.
This is an old application that converts Super Nintendo files to MIDI files.
If the incorrect output of this software is corrected in the new versions (if there is), it may be a solution to try the new version.
Or, it is already somewhere converted to a MIDI file.

in zophar net:

Alpha17x says:
Be warned that this program produces Midi files with corrupt headers and other issues. They will play in most software, but they will rarely load in a production suite like Fruity Loops or Sonar

same as cakewalk sonar site...

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