Unpitched percussion only plays whistle sound

• Jun 17, 2012 - 20:05
S4 - Minor
won't fix

Create a Snare drum Instrument.
All notes play as a whistle.

Change instrument to a pitched percussion instrument. Everything sounds OK.
Change back to any unpitched percussion and it plays as a whistle.

I can't get ANY unpitched percussion to play correctly.
They all use the whistle sound.


Musescore 1.2, Mac OS X.
I have attached a MuseScore file.

While I Select All -> Staff Properties -> Change Instruments -> Choose any UNPITCHED PERCUSSION, I get a whilstle sound (for ex. Snare Drum, Piccolo Snare Drum, or even Hand Clap)

While I Select All -> Staff Properties -> Change Instruments -> Choose any PITCHED PERCUSSION, i get the right sounds.

Anyway, I save to MIDI and import into an iPad app, but it's saying the file contains no valid drum track information.
It might be a separate issue related to that app, but Musescore, isn't playing the sounds properly anyway.

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I'm wondering how you entered those notes. They are not the proper pitches for snare drum. Did you follow the instructions on drum notation in the handbook? When I open the drum palette, only two notes are available, and the one you are using isn't among them. Did you copy and paste those note from another staff or something? When I enter notes onto your staff myself using the drum palette, they do play as snare drums.

Yes it does happen in 2.0

It is caused by changing the instrument from a melodic voice to a drumkit sound.

MuseScore dutifuly changes the channel and voice to a GM drumkit, but, of course a GM drumkit has different sounds mapped to each note number, and MuseScore retains the same pitch(es) that were in the original part.

The moral here is not to try to change melodic voices to percussion.

I don't see how this can be fixed given the nature of GM drumkits and the way MuseScore produces drum parts.

So I'm proposing that we mark as "Won't fix".

Perhaps the ability to change a melodic instrument to unpitched percussion should be disabled.

MuseScore 2.0 rb2ef1ee/Windows XP Pro SP3

Status (old) needs info active

Restoring status to active.

I still propose that ultimately we mark as "won't fix" unless the programming team have an idea how to implement the UI changes required.

Status (old) won't fix active

I have the same Problem!
Mac OSX with Musescore 1.3, have different Soundfonts, different percussion staves...
Same result: Percussion sounds like an annoying whistle.

Please fix this if possible!

>@Buzap - read #6

Yes, I've read #6. However, I didn't start with a melody voice that I've converted to percussion.
I've started right off with a percussion staff.

Oh well, I'll look for workarounds.

>Oh well, I'll look for workarounds.

Alright, I have the Workaround now:
- Take a full drum stave instead
- Assign a key to i.e. closed hi-hat and notate
- Reduce the staff to one line and adjust the note head

It's a couple steps more but now I'm happy with the result.
Keep up the good work on 2.0!
Thanks, B.