USB-MIDI device not found under Windows 7/64

• Jun 19, 2012 - 15:40
S4 - Minor

I'm not sure how best to describe this. I have a USB-MIDI driver installed in Win 7/64. Synthesia finds both the input and output channels just fine so I know the driver is working. I tried installing Jack separately and it just seems like Jack can't locate the driver on the USB driver chain. I don't think this is MuseScore's issue but rather Jack, but since MuseScore uses Jack to connect I thought you should know. I'm willing to help work through this, but I was hopeing a Jack expert might see this.


Well it's ok to close. Not a big deal. the preferences don't show the Midi-out as an option. However other software does. I can get midi-in to work so I can live with it. I'll assume midi-out from MuseScore is not an option using my hardware.

BTW, I did read as much of the thread as I could (my french is terrible). I assumed that MuseScore not detecting a midi-out device was a potential problem.