Toggle button for articulations

• Jul 19, 2012 - 09:25
S5 - Suggestion

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This is a request for a toggle button for articulations
When pressed, all the written notes from that point would have a certain preselected articulation (accent, tenute, staccato...).

For example, if the staccato function was selected, all the notes written afterwards would have a staccato sign, without having to put them afterwads (even though, currently, you can select all the notes and double-click the staccato button in the palette).


This would be a complete change of the way MuseScore works currently. None of the elements in the palette works with a two states button (on/off). If we do it for articulations, why not doing it for slurs, crescendo, notehead etc...
Moreover with a two state button, it would not be possible anymore to maintain the current behavior of drag and double click.

So it's not a change that should be done without global thinking....

Well, I simply posted this because it had arisen from that other issue.

IMHO, I'd rather close this as 'By design'

All the necessary restructuring is excessive, specially considering that you can simply write the notes and then select them and double click the articulation button.