Mixed (Up) Tracks

• May 16, 2009 - 22:00
S4 - Minor

MuseScore v0.9.5 r1770 WinXP

Referring to attached picture, recreate like this:

1. Create new score with four measures;

2. In measures 1 and 2, enter notes in in default voice 1, enter rests in voice 2;

3. In measures 3 and 4, enter rests in default voice 1, enter notes in voice 2;

4. Save As aName.mscx;

5. Reload.

It appears that initial "tick" (absolute offset I presume) for voice 2 in measure 3 is botched so it follows the semibreve rest of voice 1.


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Status (old) fixed active

I just built the trunk, a truly painful experience, revision 1833 according to svn but not to About box, and I can reproduce this exactly as with prerelease software.

And besides, "I see the error in prerelease and don't know why it doesn't appear now" isn't exactly the same as "fixed."


My mistake. I think I might have forgotten to add the rests in step 3 above when I tried to reproduce r.1827.

By the way, if I am not able to reproduce the bug in the latest revisions bug don't know for sure whether it is fixed then I often use the phrase "apparently fixed". If I make a mistake just open back up like you did. In a distributed development environment this seems an easier method than checking with each developer individually.