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I'm just wondering it it's possible to highlight an actual bar (measure). I want to colour code certain sections - I don't want to change the colour of the notes or the staff - just the old-fashioned way of highlighting key moments in the music for study purposes - hope I'm making sense!
I know it can be done in Sibelius, just haven't had any luck doing it on musescore. Thanks in advance!


Until/whenever highlighting is implemented, what about a using a Volta as a marker?. Place over the section, change colour and change line thickness to 1.00.

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What a brilliant idea - just tried it out there! I'm trying to colour-code different sections for different parts - this will work a gem until 3 gets here.
thanks for taking the time to explain the steps, very much appreciated and easy to understand.

Well done, Jm6stringer. Now I know why the color option has an alpha channel. Neat. As an aside, it seems that the line changes length when width is changed - specifically it increases in length as the width increases. This, I would have thought, is an undesired feature (but, then, lines weren't deigned to be 6 or 20 thick or whatever, I suppose).

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Thank you, Sensei... :-)
Also neat is the ability to save the highlight in the lines palette - of a custom workspace - for future use.
(Upon adding it to the palette, if it shows as a blank palette item, don't worry. The next time you load MuseScore it will be there.)


Would love to see a highlight feature that is a property of the measure which would allow changes to the background color of the measure within the top and bottom staff lines. Even a limited selection of transparent colors (yellow, green, cyan) would be ample. I teach and like to point out to students measures of particular importance to a lesson. Will use the line trick until then.

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