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• Aug 6, 2012 - 08:20
S5 - Suggestion

current trunk rendered playback midi notes for arpeggio is to split all chord length by chord note count, actually arpeggio is an effect at the beginning of chord, it should be shorter than current solution.


You can hear the difference in attached appreggio.MID

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Playback of arpeggios is completely customisable in the Chord articulation dialogue.

The interface is still in its infancy, but it's still usable - see attached file.

Guess this is fixed??

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I noticed this behavior, too. It's different from v 1.2. I really think the default should be the more rapid playback, since that's what the previous behavior was (unless there's a good reason for it to change?)

What is the standard interpretation of this symbol? I've only ever encountered it where it meant that you were supposed to play the individual notes very quickly, close together.

The "standard" behavior depends on situation & style. There are fast arpeggios and slow ones. It seems 1.2 made fast ones and required you to do handstands to get slow ones. 2.0 is the other way around, but at least the handstands aren't as bad either way.

If I had to pick, I'd vote fast as default.

AFAIK there is no standard interpretation for this symbol. It depends entirely on context, particularly in Baroque keyboard music. Possible interpretations are:-

1. up arpeggio
2. down arpeggio
3. up-down arpeggio

To further complicate matters the speed of the arpeggio is entirely arbitrary: The first note can be longer than the rest, the arpeggio can be performed extremely quickly, or slowly, or there can be a speeding up or slowing down as you perform the arpeggio.

I agree that the default behaviour shsould be as it is in 1.2, but as very few of the articulations currently have defaults, I'm assuming that it is something that has been left while the fulltime dev team concentrate on more pressing matters.

If someone can tell me where the defaults are stored, and how they are defined, I am perfectly willing to do something about this.

The current default is coded in renderArpeggio() line 1500. I'm not sure how this default interacts or will interact with the chord articulation dialog.

Also see

Arpeggio playback now default to a fast one. The speed of the arpeggio is NOT dependent on the tempo or the chord duration. The note are shifted after the beat by default. The shift is 64 ticks (a quarter is 480 ticks) by default and the if the chord is too short or there are too many notes to shift the shift value is multiplied by 2/3 as much time as necessary.

I put the bug on "fixed", reopen if needed.

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