Transpose from Trumpet to Trombone

• Feb 28, 2017 - 05:36

I wrote a trio for Trumpet in C, Concert Bb. I used Right click- Staff properties to change it to Flute, and then to Alto Sax. In both cases, MS changed the word Trumpet to the new instrument, changed the key signature accordingly, and changed the notes. HOWEVER, when I tried to change the Trumpet part to Trombone, using all the same steps, it changed the word Trumpet to Trombone and it brought it down one whole step on the treble staff. How do I get it to change to bass clef, put the notes in trombone range on the bass staff in Bb, and everything all in a couple clicks like I did with Flute and Sax?


To be clear: when you change instruments, MuseScore changes the name of the staff, the playback sound, and the transposition of the notes but leaves everything else. If you want to change clefs, or change octave of the notes, or make any other changes besides name, transposition, and sound, you need to do it yourself. MuseScore has no way of know what other changes you'd want made.

Hi. Thanks. It does seem odd to me that if it knows what to do to transpose trumpet to sax or flute, why wouldn't it know how to transpose to an equally used instrument like trombone.

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As I explained, it *is* transposing, and it is doing so absolutely correctly. MuseScore handles transposition automatically so that the notes will sound *at the same pitch*. The problem is you don't *want* the notes to sound at the same pitch - you actually want them to sound an octave. MuseScore has no way of guessing you want to make such a drastic change to your music. It is doing the transposition it does in an explicit effort to keep the pitches the *same*. If you want the piece to actually sound lower, you need to tell MuseScore that, using Ctrl+Down.

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MuseScore transposed the trumpet note to trombone just like it did the other instruments. The only problem is that most of the trumpet notes are either in the high register of the trombone or unplayable by most musicians. Normally if you wanted to transpose it yourself, you would automatically write it an octave lower to accommodate the different ranges.

The Alto Sax has pretty much the same range as the trumpets so the transposition looks like you would do it yourself. The flute's range apparently starts within the range of the trumpet piece or you would have had red notes at the bottom of the flute part. If the trumpet part started going below the treble clef, you would have wanted to move the flute part up an octave. You may want to do that anyway to put the song in a better register for the flute if most all the notes are on the clef.

When you change instruments MuseScore assumes you want the exact same concert pitch notes with the same clef. If you want otherwise you must tell it.

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