Chord name loses flat after pasting

• May 24, 2009 - 06:12
S4 - Minor

Write x bars of music.
Invoke Jazz font and symbols,
Style -> Text style -> Chordname
change default size to 13, change to bold.
Go to 1sy note add chordname Bbsus - Bb sus appears.
Click out of chordname entry.
Select chordname, ctrl c for copy, select other note, ctrl v.
Expect - Chordname and style to appear.
Result - Chordname and style appear but without the flat sign.



Before copying chordname, go to lines menu and add the straight line behind the chordname and extend it to signify how many bars (4 in this case) the same chordname is active. Then copy chordname, etc.

Hi David.
I re-did the tune.
No Crashes.
However, as you will see from the .png file there is still something not right.
I entered the first chordname and copied it to the 2nd position. As you can see, they are different
I prefer the 2nd, but cannot understand how to get it in that format.

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That is it.
When I tried to write sus 4 in that score it would not appear in the jazz font and I was only able to get the Jazz font if I omitted the "4". As you see however, it copied.
I am now able to add the "4" with no problem in other scores.


Status (old) active fixed

Copy&Paste of accidentals in chord names works in rev. 1891. I also added a special symbol for sus4 to the jazzfont.