Issues on HDPI screen - Surface Pro 4

• Mar 8, 2017 - 09:57
Reported version
Graphical (UI)
S3 - Major

Upon opening MuseScore 2.0.3 on Surface Pro 4 (after reset of factory settings), you get to see this:

musescore 2 on surface pro 4.png

* Default window size for both the Start Center and MuseScore 2 is way too small
* Start Center should be positioned in the center of the MuseScore window
* While MuseScore Connect in the Start Center is ok, the create new score button is too small

Closing the Start Center and maximising the window, other problems become apparent:

musescore 2 on surface pro 4 - opened.png

* Default width of the inspector is too small
* All text widgets are too small compared to the toolbar icons which are ok (touch friendly size)


This is what 2.1 looks like.

musescore 2.1 surfacepro .png

What is fixed:
* The default size is not maximised: good
* The Start Center is nicely centered: good
* The default width of the inspector

What is not good yet:
* The default text size is just a little too small. I'm still comparing against other software apps though.
* The Start Center "Create New Score icon" and score thumbnails

Is the text size smaller than MuseScore itself on *other* systems? In theory, once we get the physical DPI of the screen (assuming Qt reports that to us correctly), we should physically have the exact same size for text and icons on all systems. We definitely have problems where we don't get the physical DPI right, leading *everything* to be off, but I can't think of anything that could be going on to make text specifically too small, unless maybe it has to do with the Windows application text settings, which we honor but only partially.

Just a reminder we still need to do something about the cases where we don't get the DPI correct. I still cannot reproduce any such cases, but they are clearly out there. And as such, I would still very much like to see merged for 2.1. It provides a command line override that does the right thing in these cases in ways the old scaling parameter I had added for an earlier release does not (because the way we do things internally changed since then).

For the start center, I guess we have a large UI scaling factor and so we use it to define the width of the webview. And so there is less space for the left part... I think I will just disable the scaling of the webview and we will see from here.

The text size of the menu etc... we don't do anything special for it and let Qt deal with it