Upgrading to the latest version

• Aug 31, 2012 - 12:48

Please forgive my ignorance but how can I upgrade from my current v. 1.2 to v.2? I just haven't come across a straight forward reference to this in any of the discussions. Many thanks


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Not sure what you mean by "no new update nightly-windows" - as the name implies, it is updated nightly. And you don't need a fancy installer to try it out - just copy the files into any fol;der on your system. I'm sure they will release a version with an installer when it's close enough to being usable to want to make it that much easier. Right now it's strictly experimental; for testing only. Lots of big changes are going into this release.

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I think the guy that maintains the Nightly Build Downloads for Windows may be on holiday, as it has been a week since the last one was published.

2.0 is nowhere near ready for an alpha release yet. There are still things happening deep down in the core code which can affect features and the UI without warning. Current estimates from the full time programming team are that there may be an alpha release towards the end of the year, but that is assuming nothing major goes wrong.

Of course if you'd like to help speed up the process you can invoke a fork from GitHub and work on the code yourself :)

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Yes, sorry, I hadn't noticed the nightlies hadn't been updated in a couple of weeks. In general, they've been updated nightly or close to it for as long as I've been looking (a couple of years now). So I too would assume it's just a temporary hiatus.

Oh the joy of being a part of an online community! Thank you all for responding to my very simplistic question which unintentionally for me started quite a discussion! Being a complete non-porgrammer, apart from dabbling in html a bit, I think I've got my answer now: "as far as v. 2 is concerned hold your horses but not your breath"! The current version is more than adequate for me at the moment and I am very grateful for it. It would just be nice to be able to create guitar tabs as well in the future. That can wait for me; I actually prefer to work with dots. Thanks again.

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