An easely solvable problem

• Mar 10, 2017 - 11:05

Hello Musescore designer. When I select a musicpart from a G- and an F-staffed system. I select from left-up to right-down. So the left-down note will be active. So when I want to copy mij selection and want to put this copy a few measures ahead, I cant get the right place when moving by just pressing the right-arrow-button. This is because a selection is taken from left-up to right-down and if the G-staff is active and there start to put the copied notes always the selection which start at the left-up note which was written on the F-staff. This is very irritating and is so to see easily to change/correct in the program bij people who know how this works.
So thank you in advance.

This might not be the right way to reach a capable person to do this, but if you know who or how, then send this forward... in the right way to the right person please?


Make your selection and [Ctrl]c to Copy
Use the Right-Arrow to move where you want it to be pasted
Press [Alt]-UpArrow to take the cursor up to the top stave
Now [Ctrl]v to Paste

The other thread discusses why this might not be the expected thing in this case but not other cases, so more discussion would be needed to determined what the best compromise is. Feel free to participate in that discussion over in that thread.

Meanwhile, note we provide a special "R" command to handle the specific case of a copy immediately after the source, so you actually don't need to use copy and paste at all.

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For 2.0.3 and also for the nightlies Alt+Up/Down is defined by default for:


But I agree there should be a comprehensible shortcut for "previous staff or voice" and "next staff or voice" by default.

note: although there seems to be no difference in the behavior between booth actions, because after moving via right arrow the note on top of a chord is selected.

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There are only a limited number of shortcuts available which is one reason we don't define defaults for everything. As it is, Alt+Up/Down *do* move on to the next/previous staff once they have finished moving through the notes of the current one, so it was deemed the more generally useful command for most purposes, which is why it gets a shortcut by default and the others don't. Like anything else, this can be revisited if there is sufficient agreement.

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