Very long measures (e.g. 14/4) cause messed up layout if containing many notes

• Sep 7, 2012 - 14:42
S4 - Minor
won't fix

Hi! That's a bug report that happens to me quite often, and I'm suggesting a fix.

1) Create a score, 4/4
2) Modify one bar and set a (long) 15/4 time signature
3) Fill it with many short notes (e.g. it's some sort of a free cadenza)
4) The measure becomes larger, eventually as wide as the page
5) After reaching a limit, when no more notes fit into one line, the layout gets messed up

Current workaround: Spit the content in 2 bars (e.g. 8/4 and 7/4), fill them, and set the barline in between invisible
Problem: as you keep on typesetting, the division in two bars may become deficient (e.g. maybe now the division should have been 5/4 and 10/4)
My suggested behaviour: when the content of the bar surpases 1 linespan, it is split in 2 AUTOMATICALLY.
Example of what I'm talking about from the IMSLP (1st page, lines 2-3):…




What MuseScore version and operating system are you using?

Can you check 2.0 nightly builds if you are using 1.2?

Thanks :).

Status (old) active won't fix

Workaround is to use the split measure function to split the measure at a manually selected position. I dont want to implement an automatic to split the measure as there is no reliable algorithm to find a good split point so there must also be a way to override this automatic.