Vertical align. of lyrics is weird

• Oct 5, 2012 - 10:17
S4 - Minor

Context: rev. 2baa6615e (2012-10-04), self-compiled with Qt SDK under Ubuntu 11.10

Step: Create a new score with lyrics or open the attached test test_lyrics_20 score, created with rev. 2baa6615e.

Result: The vertical alignment of a lyric syllable depends upon it has ascenders or upper case: syllables with ascenders or upper case are moved down.

Expected result: All lyrics of a staff have the same vertical position.

This occurs because default lyric vertical alignment is TOP, when it should be BASE LINE. Rev. 2baa6615e changed text management; it probably made it more accurate, which is good, but default lyrics style is now inconsistent.

Another test score is attached, test_lyrics_20_baseline, with lyrics styles changed from TOP to BASE LINE vert. align and with lyrics upper margin increased from 2.0 to 3.5sp: as it overrides the default style, lyrics have a correct vertical alignment.

A pull request with a fix is being posted to github repo.

Another test score, test_lyrics_12, identical to test_lyrics_20 but created with ver. 1.2 is attached for comparison.

The vertical position of dashes between syllables is still wrong. Working on it...

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