Play Transposition Issue

• Mar 26, 2017 - 20:39

Okay, so I am arranging for Double Bass. For some Apparent reason, it is not letting me transpose it down an octave using the "Play Transposition" Part.

For those who are wondering why I am not using the "Bass Cleff 8vb", It is because double bass music doesn't have clefs like that and where I am submitting my arrangement to does not allow that kind of cleff, it has to be a typical bass cleff. This problem is weird because I've been able to do that for a while now (transpose downward like I described). I'm thinking this is a bug.


Use a 2.1 nightly and make sure you are not in concert pitch mode. Bass clef transposition is fixed in it. 2.1 works great in spite of the title bar saying it is unstable.

What do you mean when you say MuseScore is "not letting" you change the play transposition? What goes wrong when you try? Can you attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem? Works fine for me. It should keep the playback pitch constant then adjust the displayed pitch to compensate. If you initially entered the notes at the wrong pitch - an octave too high, say - you'd need to then transpose the notes down manually (eg, select all, Ctrl+down).

Okay, I'm talking about the "play transposition" bar at the bottom of staff properties.

I have managed to solve it, however, one problem remains. If the score is let's say a "Template" or I switch a staff to "double bass", then it won't work. I have to start a new document with a "Double Bass" Staff. Then the play transposition works.

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As mentioned, in order to do more than guess at the problem, we would need you to attach your score and describe more precisely - step by step - what you are doing. That way we can see where you might be going wrong - or if your score contains a unique problem of some sort that is preventing it from working as it should.

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