Collapsing / expanding voices.

• Oct 8, 2012 - 09:07


Sorry for my english, but I try to write down my problem.
I have full ensembled score to write and separate parts.
I know how to make parts but there is little catch. In the full score for example there are saxophones I and II written as separate voices on same stave to save space. But on the part I want to print out separated voice. How to do that?
I try with Explode / implode plugin bit something doesn't work as I expect.



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I already see that.
It's works but I had problem selecting entire stave. As it's span in more pages it's not easy to select whole stave (or there is a shortcut and I don't know that)

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Use your mouse scroll wheel to navigate the score vertically and shift + wheel to navigate horizontally. That will already help.
You can also select a measure and use Shift + right arrow to select more, Ctrl + Shift + right arrow to select measure by measure.

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