Where to find the fonds used by MS ?

• Apr 1, 2017 - 19:25

Exporting to .pdf, MS does not include the fonds.
Importing to CorelDraw, fonds are missing.

The TTF fonds, MScore-Normal, FreeSerif-(Bold)Normal are not listed in the Windows configuration panel - fond list. So neither CorelDraw as well as MS Word do not list those fonds.

Where does MS hide its fonds ? I can’t find them in the "Program Files (x86)/MuseScore 2" directory.

This is what I was after with .pdf but I have done it with .png.

3 songs.png


These fonts are embedded in MuseScore and do get stored the exported PDFs too, check the PDFs properties. They are not, when using Adobe's PDF printer though.

To be clear: if you use File / Export to generate the PDF, then the fonts get embedded properly. Third party PDF utilities - even ones from Adobe - won't necessarily work, because as noted, they are not actually installed anywhere these programs can access them.

If you continue to have problems, please attach the score you are having trouble with as well as the PDF file you generated from it using File / Export, and maybe a screenshot of what the PDF looks like on your system.

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Your PDF opens just fine in Chrome on my PC as as in the Adobe Reader app on my iPhone. So yeah, seems to be a Corel problem - something about how Qt creates PDF files that contain fonts but Corel for some reason cannot read them. Here are a couple of a very old threads on this topic:


Meanwhile, probably better to use another format like PNG or SVG for import into Corel applications.

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