Export to Word

• Apr 7, 2017 - 16:55

Please. Is there a way to export my score into Word? Thanx


I am having trouble importing to Word. It's in a foreign language and I can't find export. No other way to do this?

Exporting a PNG from MuseScore is dead simple - File / Export, choose PNG.

Importing a PNG into Word is dead simple - Insert / Image (I think that's the menu command, might be slightly different), select the image you saved.

Producing a songbook using Word is extremely easy, just repeat those two steps for each song. Not sure what you are having trouble with exactly - could you be more specific?

Or, just produce the songbook within MuseScore. You can use the Album feature - despite some limitations when trying to do more complex things, it works just fine for basic songbooks. or simply create the songbook as one big score in the first place.

Lots of options here.

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