Guitartab up to fret 22

• Oct 29, 2012 - 21:24
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We would like to have a tab till the 22nd fret (at the moment the highest fret is the 9th one)
Thank you!
PS:It would be nice if you could add this feature!


Kurfuer, it would be very helpful to us if you included information about your operating system and the version of MuseScore you are using when posting here.

The nightly builds can change on a daily basis, so it is helpful to know which release you are having problems with.

Last time I checked out TAB in the nightlies it was possible to define what your were asking by customising an exsisting TAB instrument.

Unfortunately there was no way to save this last time I checked, and so is score-specific.

I will try to put together a screencast over the weekend to show you how it's done - assuming it hasn't disappeared while Miwarre fixes bugs in the code - another feature of the nightlies you may well come across :)

Current status of TAB operation is documented in this Handbook page ; it documents both how to reach the highest possible fret defined for an instrument and how to increase this limit on a per-score basis.

The whole matter is under development, this post in the Technology Preview forum includes a discussion on key combinations and shortcuts: comments and suggestions are always welcome!



Thank you, Jojo-Schmitz and ChurchOrganist for your replies.
Sorry I forgot to add the essential information:
It was my understanding, that TAB is not part of the stable release yet, so I was trying a nightly build, the one of Oct. 26th, on a Windows7-system.
With the Edit Staff dialog of this version I could only find a way to modify the appearance, not the values. But maybe its my problem, not of the software :-)

Thanks, Miwarre, for your reply.

It is clear now, the post you mentioned is saying:

"3) 10 other shortcuts have been added to enter a fret mark 0 to 9 on the current string. More shortcuts (10 to 19 or even 10 to 29) will be added once the system is proven correct and stable enough. For the moment being, these should cover the majority of cases; ShiftUp can always be used to raise the note without changing string"

So, ShiftUp is the trick (I was only aware of the Shortcuts and the simple Up without Shift, which changes the string.)

Thanks a lot for the good work!

Status (old) active closed

Yes, this closes the issue (which was not an issue rather than a user problem :-))
Thank you again for the great work.