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• Apr 11, 2017 - 06:46

I'm used to tuxguitar but more and more I'm moving to MuseScore for a lot of reasons. One thing that I'm missing yet is some gp5-export-like functionality in order to cooperate with my fellow musicians.
(without losing repeatition or lyrics; like the midi-export does)

Is something like this planned?


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I tried v2.0.3 and v2.1.0. The score file is a regular mscz-file (self-composed). The xml by v2.0.3 was partially read by gp6, the xml by v2.1.0 was completly rejected. The v2.0.3 seems not completly valid (when reimporting to MuseScore), but the v2.1.0 file works on re-importing to musescore.

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Nothing special by importing your attached .xml files with GP6. Except a bunch of rests in the first part of Hand Clap, as you can see in these files saved:
- the first one in .gpx format: Example v2.0.3.gpx
- and the other exported in .gp5 format : Example v2.0.3.gp5

No corruption, but an oddity, with its rests. I do not know what the intent was?
We can rectify that, but without knowing what the goal is, I don't know that is appropriate.
And the pdf file from GP6: Example v2.0.3.pdf

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OP claimes it was a self composed file from MuseScore, so an mscz would be the source. That file exported to xml from MuseScore causes ossue on import into GP6 (and tuxguitar?)
But the sample file doesn't seem to show all of the original problem, or does it?

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Unfortunately neither TuxGuitar nor Yousician can import MusicXML files (Yousician can for piano, not for guitar). And probably there is a lot of other software limited to GP tabs.

Yes, that is a problem with said software, not MuseScore, but it would be great if MuseScore could help by providing GP export.

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